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Special Event: How To Reverse Desertification + Donation Yoga

  • Tarifa Ecocenter 6 Calle San Sebastián Tarifa, AL, 11380 Spain (map)

This day there will be people of the Dayandara team coming to visit, to present the project they are running to fight deforestation and degredation of the soil.

One of their founders, Vidya - a renowned yoga teacher - will teach a donation based Vinyasa yoga class, of which the donations will go into the permaculture project.

6.30-7.45pm     Donation Yoga Class
8-9.30pm         Kirtan
9.40-10.15pm    Presentation: permaculture Project in Spain


Andalusia is at breaking point. The area is seriously suffering from desertification and degradation of the soil as a result of extensive monocultural and agricultural farming practices over many generations. With the soil becoming less and less productive, the local economy is declining and unemployment rates are increasing, forcing residents out of the area.  Each year as things get dryer, water shortages become more common and wells are drying up. There is high demand for our precious water to be bought in. Local farmers are struggling to sell their products profitably and sustainably, land is poorly managed and deteriorating with each passing year. This is contributing to an alarming desertification process that threatens to take over the south of Spain in the next few years.

The soil here is largely unproductive, without the artificial aid of heavy chemical input, and uses extraordinary amounts of scarce water. We quickly learned that the same agriculture that supported families and communities in centuries past is today aided by EU grants, promoting practices that feed into the destruction of natural resources and local economies while masking the symptoms.

However, the province of Cádiz is fast becoming a pioneer in eco-agriculture projects that are a reference to the rest of Spain.


We have a dream to reverse the desertification processes that destroy the land, starting with our own.

Here at Danyadara, we have converted desolate patches of land into abundant edible and decorative gardens using only techniques that imitate nature without the use of any artificial aids and permaculture design.

Led by farm manager Jacob Evans and his dedicated team of volunteers from around the globe, each day sees new projects grow. From planting seedlings, tending to the hot compost heap and watering our thirsty trees to giving the gardens and soil much needed nourishment.

To reverse the degradation and desertification processes that plague the land, we have a number of goals to achieve. Over time we hope to:

    • Regenerate our soil in natural ways so it becomes fully productive, filled with new life.
    • Transform the landscape from monoculture to a diverse ecosystem where biodiversity flourishes.
    • Integrate the use of animals to graze the land.
    • Gradually increase the percentage of our own food that we consume and to grow crops that are not traditionally grown in this area so as to minimise the need to buy imported products.
    • Become an ecological, sustainable organisation that one day creates jobs and sells quality produce.
    • Become an eco-tourism destination through education around ecological farming
    • Collaborate with other projects to renew hope in the area and form a sense of community.
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